Week of September 27, 2014

Monday, January 19


Saturday morning we got up early to go jog, walk down to the water (actually to the seawall). Ben hopped up on the huge barriers to walk a distance. The weather was overcast in the morning, but by afternoon it was gorgeous.

On our way to the seawall and then coming back to the hotel we passed by a fence/wall that was made of many individual ceramic tiles that children had decorated themselves. I had Ben crouch down beside this one of smooching people.  He wasn't pleased with my choice.

Mom and Dad by the Happy Smile tile.

You can barely see a lighthouse off the left hand side tip of land actually I think it is on a tiny island. There were a few tiny islands scattered not far off the coast.

Walking back to the hotel after dinner this is the street sign that we saw: We Love Having You Here.

After Ben came home from school, he and I flew down to Jeju Island.  This weekend we had district conference, the last of all our stake and district conferences. It was raining and cooler weather than what we left behind in Busan.  By the time Dad picked us up at the airport and we found our way to the hotel we were HUNGRY!  We walked from the hotel to a pizza restaurant, Mr. Pizza. Here is a picture of the front of their menu. Advertising for women.  Really, the choice of restaurant was determined by the next door business Baskin Robbins! Of course we got ice cream for dessert.

On our way to church Ben and I thought how gorgeous the day turned out, the view was beautiful, and so I took his picture.  After then Saturday night session we all were hungry so Dad, Ben, Elder Ringwood, and I walked to the Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone. Dad said that he was an ice cream magnet.

Ben and I walked to the church with Dad and Elder Ringwood, in the afternoon, and then walked back to the hotel. We went with them early so that we could find our way to the church on our own when we needed to go later for the Saturday night session of district conference. On our way back to the hotel Ben and I saw this statue with a sign of explanation.  We first saw these statues when we walked out of the airport. We saw them near shrines and other tourist attractions, and just around the island.  Someone told us you can buy statues but they are expensive.

This tile reminded us of Katie. We saw so many cute, different, unique tiles. And, actually, we said amongst ourselves a number of times that you would have liked this one, or another one, or another. Some were three dimensional. Each decorated in a fun way.

Here is the view from our room on the 16th floor of our hotel. If you look to the left you will see the larger building, roof, with its three gardens. Saturday we saw a woman with her dog on top, when she must have been hanging her laundry out to dry. On Sunday we saw a number of people (I’m guessing all together) harvesting from the garden closest to the hotel. The upper part of the right side of the picture shows a church that we walked nearby when we went down to the water.  I was surprised at the colorful rooftops Also, the gardens on top, or variety of shapes and sizes and angles of buildings.