Mission President's Seminar - Sister's Session

Monday, May 22

These mission president seminars are wonderful as we learn and discuss and grow spiritually. I remember being so nervous attending our first seminar, not really knowing the purpose. This session was different as this is the only time we did not have a homework assignment. Over the two days of instruction we learned about such topics as the difference between a special witness and an especial witness, spiritual gifts, the growth of individual missionaries, when someone feels the Holy Ghost for the first time, inviting the right way, make it delicious, focusing missionaries efforts to teach and work with youth and young adults, MLC-how to be a council member, the missionary daily schedule (which was recently changed), simplify key indicators for conversion, working with priesthood leaders, the missionary interview and zone conference schedule, the connection between developing Christ-like attributes and increasing convert baptisms, and a separate sister session.  The sister session was conducted in a separate room with the wives of the area presidency speaking on the topic of Ask in Faith/Fear. We were each given a gift bag with a couple of talks that were used/quoted from as the sisters spoke, along with a sweet syrup/topping that we each are holding up in the picture.  I will remember Sister Wada (the wife of the area temporal affairs manager) as they were mission president and released a year ago, as well as their son is Ben’s age and was enrolled in the same online Seminary class.  I will remember Sister Sonksen as being hilarious! She told us that in years to come her husband will be dead and she won’t remember a thing as she will probably have Alzheimer’s.  I will remember Sister Madsen with her voice sounding like Kaylene Coleman-they are cousins!  It was bittersweet saying goodbye to these wonderful mission presidents and their wives along with the area presidency and their wives because we were not there in person to talk during meld and travels to and from the temple and other places and activities.  I will remember the Zarbock’s especially in advising/helping with an island mission.  I will remember the Smith’s with their connection with the Nielsen’s/close friendship.  I am impressed with the Welch’s with their attitude and desire as she battled cancer, and continued to serve faithfully. My life is so easy! I am so blessed!  I will remember the fun time when President Whiting and his wife came for a mission tour, and did not have dry cleaning service late at night.  I will remember Sister Yamashita teaching our missionaries to Open Your Mouth!  I will remember the Choi’s singing I Love To Sing!  The outgoing mission presidents and wives shared their testimonies, before the area presidency and their wives shared their testimonies. What a privilege to listen in on that and participate.

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