First Transfers!

Tuesday, August 12

We leaned over the edge to watch a school of some sort of fish feeding near the bridges with the gulls swarming and diving but they must not eat this type of fish because they weren’t afraid.

It was eerie watching the octopus swim in this tiny tank while we were at the fish market.  I know they are smalls but they still seem scary to me. One of the missionaries in our ward was telling us that when he went to the fish market one of the vendor let him hold one of the octopus. When he held it up near his face for a photo one of the tentacles reached over and attached to his face!

Another fun statue outside of the fish market Ben had fun posing by.

On Saturday we took the subway to Nampos, the shopping district Ben has been to with the assistants.  We walked to the fish market, down the street past where people were selling eels and fish, etc.  Ben and I saw a lady skinning eels to prepare them they were still wiggling even after they had been skinned.  We looked to the left where the entrance to the fish market was, and went inside.  There were many rows with what seemed like mostly the same types of fish from one vendor to the next.  One vendor seemed happy to show off his lobster and other fish and crabs.

Tomorrow is Transfer Day, our first. We have been working and preparing for this day for weeks. I can hardly wait to see how it goes. It also happens to be Ben’s first day of school. I feel bad that I will not be taking him to school on the first day. This year is so different from all the previous years of school for you guys. Ben will need to leave the house by 7:00AM to take a city bus 42 stops (about an hour and twenty minutes one way). Ben will not have early morning Seminary. The Seminary coordinator for our stake lives in our ward…sent Dad some information about online Seminary. I still need to see the information…but we will figure it all out for Ben. It just seems lonely to be doing online…not in a class full of other students and then carpooling to Clements afterward.

I will need to get up early in the morning to make homemade bread to go with the pasta I’m making for the missionary lunch at Transfer Meeting. As I was doing the prep work for the meal, I was remembering the fun times we had having the cross country team over for pasta dinners. The dinner tomorrow night for the outgoing missionaries will be a traditional Korean meal prepared by Sister Lee (pronounced Sister E) (North Korean heritage and spelling of the name Lee)…interesting fact one of the missionaries learned and shared with us. I will send you my talk that I have to give at Transfer Meeting. I’m not sure what I will say to the outgoing missionaries Monday night at the dinner in our home. Dad asked me to help with training at the MLCM on Friday. This week is full of meals…luckily Sister Lee is preparing most of the lunches and I have most of the breakfasts. Planning for 34 people at meals takes up a lot of refrigerator space.

We will have six new sister missionaries arrive on Tuesday and spend the night at our home along with eight new elders staying with the assistants and office elders.

This past Wednesday Elder Ringwood spent about three hours visiting us in our home. He was traveling from Seoul…through Busan…on his way back to Tokyo. Dad and I drove to the bus station to pick him up…luckily Dad thought to ask the woman at the counter because he found out we were at the wrong bus station. Then we went to the other station but had trouble finding Elder Ringwood.  We finally made it back home. Sister Lee had prepared a traditional Korean lunch for us. She seemed excited to tell me what she had planned…fish and shrimp…I didn’t want to burst her bubble so I didn’t tell her I don’t care for seafood. It turned out to be ok as there were other side foods to eat along with rice.

It’s late and I have to get up early. Hopefully all will go with Transfer Meeting. After this week we will have gone through one whole rotation. Whew!

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