Greetings from Busan Korea!

Thursday, July 3

We arrived very late Friday night.  The Gilbert’s met us at the airport along with the assistants to the president and the two other office elders.  I recognized Sister Gilbert right away as we walked through customs (reminded me of when Alex came home from his mission).  She gave me a big hug…I think I was ok but then she brought out the tears in me.  The missionaries had a huge banner made with our picture on it, and we took a photo of all of us behind the banner at the airport (I hope Sister Gilbert remembers to forward that to us).  The Gilberts stayed up late showing us around the mission home and talking.  We didn't know until morning when we went outside to go walking/exploring for a few minutes that the missionaries hung the banner up high and strewn outside near our home, for us to see.

Ken, Diane, and Ben when we first arrived in Korea Friday night after traveling for so long.

Ben was wearing his glasses because one of his eyes was red worrying it was infected (our mini miracle was that it cleared up by today-Saturday).

The last leg of our journey/flight was from Tokyo to Busan.  The in-flight meal that was provided was definitely different from anything we had eaten before.  It had chopsticks for us to use, along with fried chicken (that was cold, covered in some sort of sauce-GROSS!), Japanese pickles, and Japanese sweets-all gross-couldn't tell the difference between the pickles and the sweets/spongy.

In the Korean airport, we followed around to the counter just to enter the country.  You ask someone if that is the way to go…they nod and then the stern man at the counter directs you to go back.  The woman filling out a claim certificate was short tempered.  Then at customs they have you go past the customs agents to fill out some other form…somewhat difficult to locate/understand.  I think they need to redo their whole process to be more welcoming into the country.  I felt bad for the Gilberts as they had to wait for almost an hour for our delays.

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